A bridesmaid request may be coming soon. Here’s How to Plan for it

Love is always in the air and the best thing you can do for your pockets is to always remain prepared when the bridesmaid request comes your way. Wedding participation can be a bit costly. From preparing for post wedding celebratory moments that lead up to the wedding, and for the big day, keeping a rolling to-do list helps in protecting your pockets or the potential regret of not being able to participate.

Here are a few quick tips to keep you in line and under budget:

Save a set amount every pay period

Participating in weddings are never easy on the pockets. Dresses, alterations, hotel accommodations, bachelorette parties and travel expenses can rack up quite the bill. To make sure you’re not allocating household funds to cover the bridesmaid costs, begin throwing a small amount in a savings account every pay period. 

Be honest about your budget with fellow bridesmaids

There is nothing wrong with having an open line of communication with the other bridesmaids as it relates to planning. Setting a firm number that doesn’t compromise the quality of the bridal events will alleviate unnecessary pressure on everyone involved.

Shop for bridal and wedding gifts early

This is something you can easily do when you’re out and about running errands. Stroll down the clearance aisles in your favorite store and pick up small items that would be great gift items. Waiting until the last minute almost forces you to spend more than anticipated, so getting a head start will save you time and money.

Plan accordingly.

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