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Where we choose to house our money is incredibly important. Well beyond if we trust our bank with our money is how they value us and the level of creativity that goes into understanding how their customers desire to be served. Imagine how time sensitive your days are. You’re likely balancing work, children, after school events, cooking, self-care and YES financially preparing for today and years into the future?

Regions Bank has done a wonderful job in understanding how to take care of their customers. Imagine walking into a bank and immediately being greeted to identify what your needs are. This personally gives me confidence in trusting Regions Bank as a banking GPS so that I’m not lost when I walk through their doors.

One of my favorite features that Regions Bank offers is their (VTM’s) video teller machines. If you’re anything like me, you have experienced moments when you needed to make a quick deposit or withdraw some cash, but you also had a question for a banker. Regions Bank has identified the need for this and now has it in complete action. What a relief right?

My life gets really busy and really fast. Regions Bank allows me to operate from a place of managing my money quickly and efficiently, while I work closely with others in helping them to move from financially existing to financially thriving. Regions Bank offers the tools, resources and products to make navigating your life easier.

Regions Bank has a new uptown Charlotte, North Carolina branch that opened on July 16th.


The exact location is 615 S. College Street, Suite 100. If you’re seeking stellar customer service, financial guidance and a bank that’s innovative, forward thinking and puts their customers first, be sure to stop by.

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