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Member Love

I was so excited to join the Members Club last November while beginning my own finance journey. Being a part of this group is always confirmation that I am making the right steps in my personal and financial life to give Me the freedom I have desired for a long time.

Y. Chansley

What I like about the Members club is that not only is it helping me financially, but it is also helping me emotionally. I am living proof that any emotional situation or past situation you have been in, you can overcome it. You deserve to be 'whole and happy'. I would like to Thank The Finance Bar for everything you've done, and for coming in to change my life at a perfect time. I have never been this happy to work on my finances!

E.M. Thomas

I’m always anxious and excited to see what’s new each month! Receiving consistent information about my finances helps me to remain committed.

I LOVE having access to the archived bundles. It helps when I slip and miss a month.

You cannot beat this offer. Loads of value delivered to you monthly.

I am so glad I've joined the group. I appreciate the accountability, insight and suggestions. I truly needed to get my finances in order. Being involved with The Finance Bar Members Club has really pushed me towards putting my coins on a weekly/monthly plan. Thank you! I'm very excited about setting realistic goals for 2017 and 2018. I appreciate how Marsha is transparent and breaks everything down and makes it easy to understand. It's all about being whole and happy!


Meet your finance coach:

Marsha is a sought after personal finance expert and Founder of The Finance Bar.  Since launching The Finance Bar, Marsha’s innovative ability to offer personal finance teachings has appeared in several national media outlets including Black Enterprise, Essence,, Business Insider and more. 

Marsha stands on the belief that financial wellness should not be considered as a luxury and with commitment and discipline any “willing” person can turn their financial situation around.