How often have you thought to yourself “I should be earning more money from all the debt accrued to earn my degree?” OR maybe you’ve heard that college is no longer worth the time or pocket pain? Well if you’ve been hanging around here long enough, then you’re fully aware that mindset means everything, in this case specifically that would be your money mindset. In a world where there is endless opportunity and so many people seeking assistance in their personal and professional lives, using your degree to increase your earning potential is not as far fetched as you may assume.

Oftentimes we have tunnel vision in our imaginations for the perfect career match to pair with our educational background. I encourage you to consider ways in which you will think outside of the box to earn more. Here are a few examples.

Take (1) hour of your time to list out 3-5 ways in which you can use your degree to create an additional stream of income and detail out how you will use your new found earnings to enhance your financial lifestyle.

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Get creative.

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