Stress about money and finances continue to plague many individuals. In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, it was noted that 72 percent of Americans reported feeling stressed about money. For the majority of Americans (64 percent), money is a somewhat or very significant source of stress, but especially for parents of children below the age of 18 and younger adults.

What’s important to remember is that money is not the ruler of our worlds. It is extremely easy to sabotage the finance goals that you’ve set if you’re constantly stressed about your current situation.

Relax, remove the tension and embrace 5 stress reducing truths about money.

Money Won’t Make You Happy

Does money make you happy? There’s a certain level of stability and security that comes along with having a specific amount of money, but in many situations the more you have the more you want. It takes getting clear about your money mindset to identify how you react with or without an abundance of money.

Money is Not the Goal 

The end goal should never be just to have more money for the sake of having money. Having more cash is a means to an end. The end of debt, the end of financial struggle, the ability to do more of what excites you and less of what doesn’t. Evaluate your end goal.

Taking Action Reduces Stress

Did you begin the year ready to tackle your financial goals? However, as time moves on you slowly drift away from the expectations that you set for yourself? When you get a grasp on moving towards action, stress begins to reduce. Drop the defeatist attitude and get across the starting line today.

Share the Load

Seek out family/friends that are also moving towards taking financial action. There’s always someone on this journey with you (trust me). Never worry alone or suffer in silence.

Aim for the end goal

Remove scatter brain habits. Focus in on one or two finance goals that are within your reach. Stress comes from not being able to visualize the end. Center your thoughts on the desired outcome.

Stress is nothing more than our body’s reaction to a situation or series of events. Continue to work on your stress reducing methods to calm your inner worry. We’re here to support you along the way.

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