How to Recycle Your Clothing throughout the Work Week

 This is something that I often discuss with friends. Can you wear the same slacks or jeans twice in a week? Do your colleagues notice when you repeat? How often can you wear the same look? Personally, I think you can repeat looks and by looks I mean a whole outfit or even similar outfits. Why not wear your black slacks on Monday and Wednesday if you’re wearing a different blouse? It’s all about changing up the look, light layering and even a different lipstick, accessory or hairstyle.                                               

For the record I don’t recommend wearing the same clothing day in and day out, you must give yourself time to wash your clothing between wears. It’s so convenient when you can switch between your ideal look or uniform. Something as simple as taking  black slacks, a blush pink blouse, pearls, and flats can toggle throughout the work week. Those same black slacks can be worn on Wednesday and that same blush pink blouse can be worn on Friday with jeans and pumps. If order is a problem I suggest hand washing those items and letting them hang dry before wearing them again.

Here’s an example for the weekly plan.

  1. Monday: Black slacks/skinny pants, pink blouse, black flats, and blazer/trench.
  2. Tuesday: Navy dress, tights, nude pumps.
  3. Wednesday: The same black slacks/skinny pants, black and white stripped top, and pumps.
  4. Thursday: Navy dress, red cardigan, tights, and flats.
  5. Friday: Black slacks/skinny pants, V-neck t-shirt, blazer, and sneakers (if you can’t wear sneakers to work grab a different shoe).

Trust me, no one in your office will notice that you’ve worn the same pants three times and same dress twice. It’s all about changing up “the look!”

As far as a full head to toe outfit is concerned I suggest giving it two weeks before wearing it again. Limit the memorable pieces when building a wardrobe and make sure you’re investing in quality items that can be worn again.

Remember, purchase items that can be worn time and time again when adding to your work wardrobe. Trendy pieces are less likely to be recycled. Blazers, slacks, skirts, and cardigans are perfect options when creating a wardrobe where all pieces can be worn multiple times throughout the work week.


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