real credit conversations on how young adults are managing their FICO® score pt.2

How were you first introduced to the world of credit? Depending on when you were born, you may have viewed credit as only being used for big ticket purchases such as home loans, or to finance a car. This certainly holds true for many consumers; however, credit is also being used in other ways such as starting a business, traveling, and for daily essentials.

In our most recent installment in partnership with FICO, Real Credit Conversations: Young Adults on FICO® Scores, we are exploring how a few young adults first learned about the importance of credit reports, their FICO® Scores, and how they are actively using credit to fund their needs and some of their wants.

First up, we met Lawren, who shared with us how her father’s savviness and knowledge of credit taught her how to navigate starting out small to accomplish some of her financial goals.

Next, we have Kyle who committed to moving across several state lines in pursuit of his first home. Give a listen to how Kyle’s parents were also a huge influence on his smart credit habits.

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I am an official brand ambassador for FICO. While I receive compensation for my participation as a brand ambassador, opinions are mine.


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