power forward in your career with these 3 steps

Transitioning to a new company, position or career is never a clear-cut path. No matter the circumstances, understanding how to leverage your skills is of the highest importance. All scenarios are not treated equally – so be sure to use a combination of these pointers to create the best environment for you and your career.


Day-to-day work activities sometimes cause us to lose sight of key skills that are used to perform various job responsibilities. Maintaining a work journal or a running list of accomplishments regularly can make the resume process less painful. Quantify your skills where possible and be descriptive. This same list can be used during performance reviews or touchpoints with management.


Initially, many managers are hands-on during the onboarding process. The cadence can very quickly subside because of work demands. If possible, schedule a regular quick touchpoint with your manager. This time can be used to discuss current workload, future goals or inquiring for other opportunities.


We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Research networking events within your organization or in your city to build relationships with other professionals. Creating rapport with other like-minded individuals provides a better perspective in the instance there are positions that interest you within their current organization.

The more you talk about your aspirations and interests, the less intimidating the conversations are over time. Continue to build your self confidence when interacting with current or potential employers.

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