Finding your personal style is pretty easy. Here are five steps to get you on your way.

Gain Inspiration

Go window shopping, try on different pieces that are timeless. Bring a friend along to take photos of you in different items and decide on what you really like after getting back home and looking over the photos. Remove any mental blocks in your mind about what may not look good on you, or what you would be more accepting to others. Consider the specifics of what you enjoy the most such as colors, shapes and fabrics. You can even gain inspiration from your favorite magazines or blogs.

Purge Your Closet

Purge your closet every season for items you no longer wear or the gems you forgot about. This will save you money, believe me. Purge away.

Call Your Friends

Maybe some of the items you no longer need will go great with your friends personal style. Call her up and ask if she wants to do a closet swap. You take items she may want that you no longer need and she’ll bring items she no longer needs but you may be looking for. Everyone wins and everyone saves!


Next is deciding on what colors you enjoy wearing. Are you more of a neutral type or do you dabble with bold colors? You can figure this out by taking a peek inside your closet. If you know you’re always rocking black, white, or grey, do away with the color because you’re not going to wear it. Sell those items to a thrift store (another way to cash).

Budget Shop

And lastly shop, but within a budget. Create a list of the items you need to complete your wardrobe. If you see a piece that will help build your closet and style first research if it’s on sale. Avoid picking up the first time you see it and give yourself a few weeks to see if that very same item will go on sale. You want to always ask yourself, “Can I make create more than one outfit if I purchase this piece.”

Remember, never impulse buy, shop your closet first, find ways to purge to get rid of items you no longer need, and decide on classic closet building pieces.

What strategy do you use when trying to find your personal style?

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