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There are many things that you can utilize your bank for. Hint: Gaining access to your FICO® Score for FREE. For those that may not already be aware, FICO Scores are used during 90% of U.S. Lending Decisions. This is huge, when you are in the market for important life milestones such as the purchase of a home, car, or if you are new to the world of credit.

FICO® Score Open Access is a program that helps educate consumers on FICO Scores and increases consumer access to FICO Scores.

FICO works with over 170 financial institutions to give their customers absolutely FREE access to the FICO Scores they use to manage credit accounts.

If your bank, credit card issuer, auto lender or mortgage servicer participates in FICO Score Open Access, you can see your FICO Scores, along with the top factors affecting your scores, for free. Over 300 Million consumer accounts now have access to FICO Scores through this program.

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