maximize money goals: normalize nights in

When you think about your friend group, what comes to mind? Some of them you’ve known for years and others you’ve connected with throughout different seasons in life. No matter how the connection began, it’s important to share similar core values. If maintaining and increasing your finances are at the top of mind – what are some ways you all can keep in contact while being financially aware? Let’s dive in.

Create themed dinner dates

There’s a common misconception that opting to stay in means you’re not in a good place financially – when that’s not always the case. Creating a new mindset around home-based activities gives you more freedom while being mindful of everyone’s financial goals. Host the next taco Tuesday or wing Wednesday – have everyone bring their favorite dishes. If you want to make it more interactive, make it a family affair and cook together. While enjoying food, discuss finances. Be open and transparent when it comes to your goals so that future events can be created keeping them in mind. This is a great way to enjoy each other while saving for an upcoming girl’s trip or outing.

Get creative and have fun

Movie nights, karaoke and game nights are just a few examples that can be hosted at home. Girls’ night in doesn’t have to be boring. Try one of these examples or brainstorm your own based on the interest of you and your friends. To switch up the scenery, where these events are hosted can be at a different friends’ house. Remember as kids we would play with inanimate things or simply just be excited to be in our friends’ company? Adopt that same mindset, but with adult themes. Host a color party or a decade themed party. There’s no shortage of ideas on social media. Make it personal and enjoy quality time with those you love the most.

Have in-home happy hours

Happy hours tend to run a few hours at local restaurants and then the prices shoot up – at home this isn’t the case. Everyone can bring the ingredients to make their favorite cocktail, mocktail, wine, and light bites for everyone to enjoy. Charcuterie boards can be created by a quick trip to the grocery store. Create a playlist and set the atmosphere no matter where you are.

Grab the friends and lets normalize nights in.

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