6 Holiday Shopping Hacks

We’ve reached that time of year where shopping seems almost inevitable. Every direction you turn there are sales, enticing commercials and advertising geared toward letting every penny you have fly into a stores’ cash register. Want to avoid the trap of overspending and the awful feeling of regret once you realize your stash has been completely slashed? Keep these in mind when shopping this holiday season.

Use a reloadable debit card

When deals are irresistible, we tend to swipe our cards without realizing how much we’ve actually spent until it’s too late. Use a reloadable debit card to make purchases – this will help control your spending and make you so much more mindful of what you take home.

Shop around and price match 

With so many retailers offering virtually the same or equivalent products, you don’t have to buy everything from one store. Shop around online and look at the weekly ads to see who has what you’re looking for at the most reasonable price. There are also retailers that price match, so be sure to ask questions before making any purchases. Online coupon retailers often list various codes that can be used to rack up extra savings. 

Avoid opening store credit cards

This time of the year a lot of major retailers will offer additional savings for customers that sign up for credit cards. Don’t believe the hype! Initially it may appear as a savings, when in reality you’re spending more due to the insane interest rates. 

Off season shop where possible

Have you noticed summer clothes are cheaper in the winter and vice versa? It can feel a bit weird a first, but shopping for items in the opposite season will help you hold onto extra cash. Take advantage of the supply when products aren’t in high demand.

Wait until after major holidays for additional savings

The sales seem to be great until you’re realize they’re even better after major holidays. Be patient and keep an eye out for those electronics or clothing items after Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Re-gift any gifts you don’t intend to use

Everyone isn’t the best gift giver – but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto something you know you have no intention of using. Opt to sell any unused gifts or re-gift them to someone that would enjoy it and free up some room in your closet.

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