There’s enough negative talk about the debt crisis and how there’s no financial hope for the future. That’s a myth. With perseverance and determination, any situation can be turned around. If we’re excited in our quest to obtain the things that placed us in “debt” we can be equally excited when it’s time to pay back.


…all of the things that you’ll be able to do or the money that can be saved once you have debt paid down or off. Have you ever heard someone state that when they get paid their money is already gone? That’s the feeling of not having a cent left to do anything they LOVE. Embrace the thought of being able to spend more of your money on things and experiences that you enjoy.


…is the greatest gift that a person can give themselves. Being thankful that you have the ability to pay your debt allows you to embrace a shift in mindset. There’s no room for being bitter when we are busy being grateful.


…where you were before you began to aggressively pay down debt? Were you at a stand still with no strategic plan? Sitting at home or stressing at work longing for the day that you’ll be able to pay the people you owe. Return back to that moment and remember how stressful it was. Give thanks for the shift in circumstances.


…is so important when paying down debt. I urge each of you to consider or reconsider your financial goals for this year. Be specific in your debt payoff plans. What credit cards, personal loans, or family members are you focused on paying off this year? At the end of this year it will be a joy to celebrate those accomplishments.


…that you will make your debt pay off process happen. Obviously, you can’t get out of debt by doing the same things that got you into debt in the first place. Removing debt takes one shovel at a time. A small daily habit will help you stay engaged in the process while keeping you motivated to continue the journey.

Keep going.

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