Fun in the Sun – 5 Tips to Plan a Budget Friendly Getaway

Another summertime season is upon us, with a few different variables for us to consider. Where can we travel safely? Are there any restrictions? How can we enjoy the season without spending our savings? Take a look at these tips to help you make some room in your finances to refresh and recharge.

Create a vacation fund

Many of us say we want to venture out and explore, but don’t do the best at setting money aside specifically for getaways. Open a new savings account that’s completely dedicated to vacation. This way, the money is separate from any bills or other savings goals. This amount can be as small or large as your budget allows. The main thing to establish is a consistent routine, so when opportunities arise for you to travel – the money is readily available! If it’s easier to set this up from your direct deposit, do that so it can accumulate without the hassle over time.

Shop around for travel deals

There are an endless number of resorts, hotels and other accommodations that are lessening their rates to entice travelers. Be sure to keep your eyes open for low airfare and lodging. If you have a more flexible schedule, you can benefit from many deals that are offered and updated regularly via online travel search engines. 

Consider group trips

While everyone can’t always participate, we all can count on a few family members or friends that are willing to explore new places with us. Group trips can reduce the rate, helping you save more money that can be spent enjoying attractions the city has to offer. Not really your thing? Solo trips are also great too! It’s sometimes easier to travel alone if your schedule normally fluctuates.

Explore your state as a tourist

Have a couple of days to getaway but you can’t venture too far? Opt for a location in driving distance or even new cities within your state. While flying and long vacations are often glamourized, you don’t have to break the bank to simply recharge and invite new scenery into your life. 

Sell items you no longer use 

What are some things in your house that haven’t been used in the past six months? What clothes are there in your closet that haven’t seen the light of day? Use these opportunities to purge your space while getting a decent payout that can be used for your next travel destination. 

Saving for vacation doesn’t have to be laborious or stressful – try your best to leverage what you have to make room for new experiences!

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