There are one too many of us who come from homes where personal finances were not really a topic of discussion over dinner. We may have heard anecdotal tidbits here and there like save your money, don’t spend it all in one place, or only buy what you can afford, yet for the majority of us those tidbits don’t really materialize into much in terms of financial education. We heard the advice, but had no idea of how to heed the warnings, apply them practically into everyday life, and were unskilled at identifying when we were on the cusp of financial disaster. The reasoning behind this may be simple, personal finances are exactly that; personal, and parents rarely sit side by side with their children while they gripe and bicker over budgets and water bills. The truth is regardless of what we weren’t taught, we are now fully responsible for teaching ourselves.

Have you ever asked yourself why are my personal finances super important, why should I track my spending, save a certain percentage, or worry about investing for tomorrow?

The truth is most financial fires are AVOIDABLE, that’s why paying attention is so vital. They start out as tiny little hiccups in need of some attention and tlc. Those hiccups left unattended often snowball and grow quite quickly.

Secondly money management is an essential life safety skill, a survival skill of sorts, like swimming or performing CPR. Particularly today where the reality is no one is promising to take care of you and everyone from your job to the government is expecting you to look out for your own financial destiny.

Just like the generation before you, personal finances are important because they are exactly that, personal. Your own personal choices and decisions dictate how good or bad your financial situation will be.

Why not give yourself the very best?

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