Get the 1-on-1 support you need and start living the financial lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Every minute that you spend toward fulfilling the financial promises you’ve made to yourself will be worth it. When your finances are in order, you are granted a level of FREEDOM and FOCUS to enjoy the things and relationships that you value the most. I’m here to help you every step of the way, without judgement-just honesty, care and guidance based on the facts of your financial situation.

Ready to transform your finances?

Single and ready to mingle… with your finances?

This package is for you if you’re finally ready to face your finances head on and be accountable for sticking to a plan that will increase your financial awareness, financial security, and confidence.

You’ll receive:

  • Monthly exclusive membership: 2 hours of coaching per month
  • Access to me—virtually or locally (Charlotte, NC)
  • Quarterly assessments to monitor goals
  • Workbook (hard copy)

Investment: Bi-weekly payments of $65

I'm Ready!

…And they lived happily ever after—once they created a financial plan. This package is for you if you’re ready to stop avoiding the conversation about finances and start working together to create financial unity and success (e.g., planning for kids, purchasing a home). If you didn’t do this prior to marriage, now is the perfect time.

You’ll receive:

  • Monthly exclusive membership: 2 hours of coaching per month*
  • Access to me—virtually or locally (Charlotte, NC)
  • Quarterly assessments to monitor goals
  • Workbook (hard copy)

Investment: Bi-weekly payments of $95

We're Ready!

*Couples must attend all sessions together and complete assigned tasks together.


"During my very first meeting with Marsha we discussed where I was financially and what my goals were. Marsha reassured Me that I didn't have to tackle everything at once. I needed to take things one day at a time in order to see my progress and to pause and celebrate my progress. To date I've paid OFF more debt than I ever imagined I could. I'm much more laser focused on my goals, and I'm actually excited about how responsible I've become! I cannot say THANK YOU enough for giving me the strength and the encouragement that I needed to get over this hump in my life and with helping me to get serious about my overall financial well-being! Thank you!"

Britney. FBaltimore, MD

“I have to say, life with Marsha … well it’s like going to the optometrist for the first time and suddenly realizing that there is such a thing as 20/20 vision, she is warm, caring and very knowledgeable."

Ann-Marie G.Atlanta, GA

I would recommend this program to anyone who is tired of being in debt and/or just looking for advice on your finances from where you currently are financially.
I first started this program with no job in sight but I knew that I wanted to get a handle on my finances when I did obtain a position. I would describe this experience as a blessing because how many people can say that they signed up for a program with no job and end up getting a job with the above minimum salary? All because I knew what I needed to make to maintain my lifestyle due to Marsha going over the process with me.
This coaching experience has been a highlight in my financial journey and I plan to continue being a client as long as it is available.

A.E.Charlotte, NC

Working with Marsha to improve my finances has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! My credit score has increased over 80 points and I have created the habit of having a weekly finance date. Marsha is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and dedicated to every client's success. She has a servant heart and genuinely wants to see everyone win. The value she provides far exceeds the investment you will make. I recommend her to everyone who needs assistance with their finances!

Ingrid HCharlotte, NC

Ready to get down to business with your financial goals? This is for you if you’re clear on the specific financial issue or challenge you need help with (choose 1):

  • Assessing your current financial standing
  • Creating a personal spending plan that works for you
  • Improving your credit score with a full credit report evaluation
  • Developing a strategic debt reduction plan

You’ll receive:

  • One 60-minute session
  • Access to me—virtually or locally (Charlotte, NC)
  • An assessment map with actionable items for making real progress with your financial goals

Investment: $175

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