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I am an official brand ambassador for FICO®. While I receive compensation for my participation as a brand ambassador, opinions are mine.

People often ask me, what really matters as it relates to their credit score and how to make it work for them.

A credit score is an analysis of data within your credit file that summarizes your financial history as a borrower of money (many view it as their financial brand or reputation). Financial institutions who want to lend you money, such as when you’re buying a new car or applying for a credit card, use a credit score to evaluate your financial history and risk as a borrower. Not all credit scores are FICO®Scores.

FICO Scores are used in 90% of lending decisions. FICO Scores, which generally range from 300 to 850, can indicate to the lender how responsibly you have used credit in the past and your level of risk when applying for future credit.

FICO Scores consist of five key factors, let’s break those down…


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