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Everyone has every day expenses, but you may not always get the best rewards when you spend. As you may have guessed already, I am a super fan of prepaid cards for non-essentials. They help me to be more mindful of how I am parting with my money on a weekly and monthly basis.

Good news, a card exists that may help you to become a better planner and spender.

What is Relay?

Relay is a new product that combines an immediate annuity,  called a Planned Spend Account, and a prepaid Visa® card (Relay Prepaid Visa Card) that offers cash-back rewards when you spend the payouts on the Relay Card. Here’s how it works! You decide how much you would like to be paid out every month and for how long. A great way to determine an amount that works best for you is to total up all of your monthly recurring expenses. Then select the Relay plan that works for you. Each month you will receive the payout amount on your Relay Card. As you begin to spend your payouts each month, you will earn cash-back. Rewards range from 3-13% each year depending on the plan you choose. Your cash-back rewards never expire.

Who is Relay for?

Many of us have heard about low yield savings accounts that individuals utilize to store cash for future expenses. These consumers can move cash into a Relay Planned-Spend Account and unlock potential to earn cash-back rewards on the payouts loaded to their Relay Card. Unlike many annuities, Relay can be purchased and managed entirely online and there are zero fees or penalties if consumers need to take their money out before the end of their annuity term (because no one enjoys hidden fees-right)?

Relay is a great way for you to earn cash back on your daily spending, except PIN-based and ACH transactions, whenever and wherever you spend. Another really attractive feature is that there are no blackout dates, category or merchant limitations.

In addition to earning cash-back rewards, the lump sum on your Planned-Spend Account gets paid a small competitive interest credit.

If you’re seeking a more flexible way to become savvier with your money while earning cash-back rewards each month, Relay may be the solution that you’ve been searching for.



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