It’s time for each of us to healthily assess if we’re on target to crush our financial goals for the year, or if we need to implement more discipline to achieve them. Now that the warm weather is here, it’s almost a given to want to run out of the house, get together with friends and not have concerns about how much “fun” will cost us.

However, does it align with the financial position we wish to attain by the end of the year? Does the money being spent today, lead you closer to achieve those goals or is it steering you away? Cultivate your friendships and seek out ways to support your sister friends and bros’ as they work toward their finance goals.

  1. Find creative ways to have fun that won’t cost tons of money.
  2. Encourage your friends with words of affirmations and support.
  3. Make the topic of finance a normal conversation.
  4. Explore areas that your friends are attempting to improve in their life.
  5. Invite them to the party even if they can’t go. No one wants to feel left out.

Fun isn’t determined by the amount of money spent, it’s about the memories created. One of the many characteristics of a great friend, is their ability to support your goals in every aspect of your life even when it may not make perfect sense to them.

Have transparent conversations, stand in agreement with your tribe and create bonded partnerships on this financial journey together.

How do you motivate your friends to achieve financial success?

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