Summer is the chance for getaways,  but it can also be the time when you begin to feel the stronghold of your finances. How far have you come since the new year and uh oh the next year is around the corner. It can become very overwhelming to not be where you anticipated with your finances. To help you blow away the blues, check out a few summer themed solutions that will elevate your mood about your finances.

You may find yourself looking for more than just your belongings at baggage claim.

Find the root of your financial baggage. Where have you been slipping with your finances? Reflect on the times during the month when you feel regret or disappointment. What can you do about it? Finding the root of your financial baggage can help you begin to unpack the unnecessary patterns or feelings toward this particular area.

Shall we take a trip to the mountains?

Tip #2 is overcoming your mountain of debt. Just as your car experiences small hills and climbs before you get up the mountain, it is best to take small bite sized steps to getting out of debt before accelerating up steeper sides of the mountain. The easiest thing you can start implementing this month is making extra payments on your monthly bills. Consistently paying 20 extra dollars each month towards any expense will decrease your overall debt and any unnecessary interest payments. Skip a brunch invite. Start where you can.

Care to do some yoga on the beach in the July heat?

Get flexible with your savings. Budget for your necessities and then give yourself a weekly discretionary fund. Put the money that you do not use at the end of the week (and month) into your savings account. 

Namaste your financial troubles away.

Another great tip for this summer is to work on changing your mindset towards your finances. Instead of getting overwhelmed with your budget and where it is now, imagine your finances at a state where you desire them to be. It’s important to keep an optimistic view of your finances and how they will improve.

What’s your return on relationships?

Develop relationships with people who are financially savvy. This will give you emotional encouragement and practical advice which is important. Ask a trusted friend for practical advice and to help keep you accountable.

This summer season, work towards adjusting feelings of sadness or discouragement. Tis the season of relaxation and fun. Use these simple tips to help you remain steady with your finances. Make this summer memorable, not just because of the things you do but also because of victories you made with your finances.


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