5 tips to help you spend smarter in the fall

The fall season is here, and we all have some items that are still outstanding on our to-do lists. Whether it’s consolidating summer debt or enjoying this season with less financial restrictions, you may need guidance to re-establish your finances and refocus. Take into consideration these tips to help regain control and conquer your fall finance goals. 

Consolidate spring and summer debt

Sometimes many of us allow the warmer months to derail our financial focus. Instead of sweeping it under the rug, become completely aware of your current financial position. Take an account of any outstanding debts and amounts. Focus on getting organized. Establish a personalized repayment plan to actively pay towards debt.  

Adopt a no spend month 

Who doesn’t love a good, healthy and beneficial challenge? Temporarily adjusting spending habits to place your focus on the essentials recenters your focus. Create a plan that works for you! For example, write down necessary household purchase items and resist the impulse to pick up items not placed on the list. You’ll be surprised how 30 days of financial focus can propel you. 

Wait it out 

Is there an item you’ve been eyeing? A quick weekend getaway? If possible, create an environment where time is actually on your side. Keep an eye out for sales, discounts and deals. Shop around a bit before making any hasty purchases that may cause you to spend more than anticipated.

Evaluate your holiday budget

Holiday season is quickly approaching. What’s a better way to get prepared without causing unnecessary strain on you and your pockets? Try your hand at beginning your financial preparation today. Implement a savings plan that can comfortably fit in your budget. Ask yourself this simple question: “How will I comfortably manage holiday shopping without financial strain?”

Enroll in text message alerts

Unfortunately around this time of year, there are an increased number of identity theft and fraudulent charges that wreak havoc on many people. To stay in the know at all times, enroll in online banking and opt in for message alerts which will assist in identifying fraudulent or suspicious activity. Periodically checking all your accounts throughout the month is a safe and time-sensitive way to ensure your money is truly protected. 

Preparing for the fall doesn’t have to be backbreaking or stressful – do your best to regain control and stay true to your financial goals. Take your time, establish a financial plan and commit to staying the course.

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