Summer is swiftly approaching and so are the many activities that are piling up on our calendars. To prepare for the busy schedules without dipping into your savings stash, check out these five tips to save some cash:


Make the Kitchen Your Personal Restaurant

Craving your favorite dish? Take a quick trip to the grocery store, snag the ingredients and get to work. Create the ambiance at home, turn on some music and enjoy a good home cooked meal in the comfort of your own home.


Opt For a Girls’ Night In

Instead of buying a new outfit and spending unnecessary money, have your friends bring over their signature dish and bottle of wine for all of you to share. Catch up with each other on a budget!


Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Recurring charges are one of the fastest ways to increase your biweekly or monthly expenses. Take a look at your bank statements from the past few months and be sure to evaluate if these periodic charges are still in budget.


Explore Saving Apps

There are a few apps that make it so simple to save money. These applications use an algorithm which monitor your spending habits and saves based on your transaction history.


Shop Around and Compare Prices

Checking out your local grocery store sales and using coupons for everyday expenses is a great way to save extra cash. Build up reward points and redeem to the stores that see you the most!

How are you maximizing your savings during this season?

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