4 ways to spring clean your home and finances

Your home is often a reflection of your thoughts. Would you consider yourself a minimalist, moderate consumer or a maximalist (not to be confused with having a cluttered space)? No matter where you fall in the spectrum, there’s always room to improve. Let’s explore ways to freshen up your finances and your living space.

Purge, purge, purge!

What are some things you’re holding onto that need to find a new home, or the garbage? Go through your wardrobe and create a pile of things you’re going to donate, sell and toss in the trash. Not only does this create space, but it also gets you in the habit of re-evaluating what you actually wear on a regular basis. As far as your finances, go through your bank statements. What subscriptions can be cancelled? Take this time to also shred miscellaneous papers and documentation that’s no longer needed. Clean out your fridge, freezer and scrub those baseboards we often neglect. A clean space creates a new, fresh environment where your mind and body can thrive.

Create a plan for your finances

Take the time to write down all expenses you can foresee for the next few months. Determine what expenses are fixed and variable while adjusting accordingly. Keep in mind any upcoming travel plans or other expenses. Did you try to skip this at the start of the New Year? If so, it’s not too late! Take the necessary time to review your finances for at least one hour a week. Guarantee your personal success by creating, using, and sticking to a budget.

Narrow your focus

Take a look at some of the financial goals you’ve set for the year. Are they specific enough with an actionable plan? Have you been tracking your progress? If possible, focus on one goal at a time to avoid any overwhelm or emotions of defeat. This also applies to your home. Choose one room or area at a time to declutter and enhance. When one area is complete, move to the next.

Automate and simplify where possible

Make things easier on yourself and automate your savings or recurring monthly bills. In this way, it’s one less thing you have to remember. Monitoring your accounts regularly simplifies your routine. Again, this also applies to your home. Create a cleaning calendar. For example, choose a day out of the week to deep clean the kitchen, living room or the most used space. In this way, it doesn’t feel less like a chore. Doing this on a more frequent basis turns a task that may be hours long on a good day to now 30 minutes when completed more often.

You are the sole founder and owner of your financial house. Dedicating time to have self-checks while making minor tweaks along the way result in enjoying the fruits of your labor. What spring cleaning methods do you use to freshen up your home and finances?

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