There are many things in life that make each of our hearts go tick-tock. This could be the smile of a child, the laughter of your friends, the way your spouse lights up when you walk into a room or maybe it’s your favorite meal. How often have you considered that many of the things that truly matter to you don’t involve money?

While this may be true, our finances and how we handle money become easier and a bit more in rhythm when we are clear on what truly matters to us. How your money is spent tells a story of what you value. The level of commitment that you place on taking time out to study your money habits, what your goals are and long-term planning indicates what your financial platform will look like years from now. Here are four ways to quickly measure what matters to you.


What or who are you quick to drop things or events for? Determining your priorities helps you maximize your money. The people and places that matter to you most are your top priorities. In the world of finance this could mean.

  • Are my loved ones covered with the proper insurance.
  • How organized are our family documents?
  • How much money do I/we have saved for emergencies, desires, or investments?
  • What are some places that I would like to visit with the people that I love (revisit bullet three again).

When there is a clear indication of who and what matters most, how we handle our finances immediately become value based. Take out a sheet of paper and write down a list of what your top priorities are.


Enjoying the journey of your life is often easier said than done, especially when you run across a few snags along the way. Focusing on what’s in front of you at this very moment, allows you to be present in the now. Do you know what it feels like to be a freshman at the school of multitasking? Nothing ever gets finished and you become more frustrated and unsure of yourself by the day. This often happens when you are more consumed with admiring the lives of others and less attentive to how you can place yourself in a better financial position. A few examples of this are: 

  • Attempts to mimic their lives, often resulting in spending money trying to keep up with the appearance of what happiness truly is.
  • Rarely or never understanding what matters to you as a person.
  • Confusion around what is best for you. Being inspired is always good for the soul; however, envy is not. It’s important that we are clear on the difference.

Inner work always helps in this area. Master trusting your journey and commit to the development that will help to construct your life. I once read, We need a focus. A main thing. Something bigger than skin cream or tennis shoes that remind us of the purpose of it all. Enjoy your journey.


The birthday dinner, the brunch, the mini-getaway or the mom that agrees to the sleepover-we have all been there. Recognizing when you’re overcommitting is vital to your financial well-being and your sanity. Try to avoid this at all costs. As much as you would like to be present at everything for everyone physical burnout is just as worse as being financially dry. Honor what matters to you most by rethinking invites and pausing before you commit.


…is it your family, your desires, what you don’t have or what you wish to have-are all measurements of what matters to you. Often times we are afraid to confess to others what takes priority in our lives from fear of not being accepted or missing out on invites. 

There are many ways to measure what matters in your life and doing this helps you to determine how to part ways with your money. Keep those priorities in front of you each day. Stand firm in taking control of your time and your money.

What matters most to you?

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