4 tips on smart spending during the summer months

Growing up, the summertime had a completely different meaning. School was no longer in session and it gave us more than enough time to create memories with friends. As an adult, our summers bring us to answer some questions honestly about our finances. Prioritizing bills, savings goals and weekend getaways can quickly consume us. In order to have carefree fun like a kid without regretting your choices later, use these tips to become a savvy spender this summer and beyond. 

Be willing to get creative

When the weather is nice there’s a tendency to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the things your city has to offer. On the flip side, we also may spend more money on food and entertainment. To curb some of this spending, look up local events happening in your city. Sightsee, go on tours and visit museums while learning some new information about the area and surrounding cities. Remember to keep an open mind! Picnics, walking/riding trails and going to the park allows you to soak up the sun without spending what’s in your wallet.

Opt for a road trip 

We all could use a change of scenery! Depending on your personal comfort level with travel, pick a few states you’d like to visit during this season. This gives you the luxury of still experiencing new places and cities – without completely breaking the bank. If you have the time, make it a multi-city trip! Pick some local food favorites and immerse yourself. The best trips don’t always require a plane ticket. 

Tackle some DIY projects

Has there been anything on your to-do list that you’ve been avoiding or contemplating on paying someone else to complete? While we have the time, use a couple of weekends to finish the things you’ve been putting off. Your reward? Extra cash to go towards an activity, trip or throw it in your savings stash. The idea here is to be more mindful about where your funds go. 

Don’t abandon your savings goal

This year has thrown a lot of curveballs and we still have some time before the end of the year approaches. Let’s not also forget how fast time flies. In order to hit your savings goals, you have to stay the course! If you haven’t checked your progress lately, make it a point to refamiliarize yourself so you can self-evaluate and make any changes.

Whether we like it or not, the end of the year will be here soon –  you’ll be thankful for the intentional dedication to improve your finances. 

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