4 things you need to know-COVID19 checklist

During such uncertain times, it’s often difficult to maintain a healthy level of focus. We have a tendency to place ourselves in panic mode when circumstances are outside of our control or creep outside of our comfort levels. To minimize the stress and get things done in the process, use this checklist to keep your sanity and reclaim your peace.

Request interest rate deductions

Even if you haven’t been impacted during these current events, contact your lenders and inquire about what options are available. Many federal student loans now have 0% interest for the next six months. For specific details, contact your lenders to verify any specific information regarding your accounts. 

Gather personal documents for yourself and/or parents

Since many of us are on stay-at-home orders, locate all of your important documents and store them in a central location. This would also be a great time to ensure you either have copies of your parents’ documents or know where their personal information is stored. There are many free and secure online tools available that can be used if geographic locations present an issue.

Don’t be afraid to seek assistance

If your income has been impacted or you anticipate things may not be paid timely, I urge you to contact your lenders immediately. Reach out to mortgage lenders, utility bill companies and car loan lenders to explore options. Most companies have a dedicated page for pandemic relief due to the current high volume calls – but don’t let that deter you from speaking to a representative. Make note of any correspondence you have and set a reminder to follow up within the next 30-45 days. 

Be well and don’t neglect yourself 

Please be good to yourself and your family during this time. Is it inconvenient? Absolutely. However, practicing safe habits and implementing boundaries can aid in making something so unexpected like this, so much more manageable. Decompress from the news outlets and social media when it becomes overwhelming. Commit to cleaning a room, picking up a new hobby or simply enjoying the newfound bonding time with family. 

Remember, preparation and peace can conquer pandemic. 

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