3 ways to implement non-traditional gift giving

It is officially holiday season again and we’re in full swing. Christmas trees, decorations and all things festive have made their way back into our worlds. In a world where things are constantly changing, have you considered switching up your method of gift giving? Are there things you’d much rather enjoy versus the more traditional gift ideas? Keep reading and see how you can incorporate some fresh ideas this season.

Shop small and support local businesses

If your family is pretty much centrally located, set up a date and time that works for everyone and exchange gifts in person. Not only does this include some much-needed quality time, but it also allows you to support your community by shopping locally. There are always hidden gems that may not be offered at major retailers. If you’re in an area where brick and mortar local shops aren’t very prevalent, search small businesses online and see what options work best for you. Use the likes of Etsy and social media to shop small, no matter where you’re located.

Digital gift cards for the win

What are retail goals during this time? To entice customers to spend money. What is a consumer goal during the holidays? Purchase useful gifts for their loved ones. To avoid the hassle of shipping, lost packages or purchasing the wrong items altogether, opt for digital gift cards. If you still love the thoughtfulness of a physical greeting and gift card combo, that is also an option to include your personal touch and gift the receiver the power of choice – a win-win situation. 

Gift an experience or fulfill a need

There’s nothing like opening gifts as a family, and for some this is more of a tradition than an option. However, consider this – would your loved one enjoy a nice massage? A spa day? A staycation to unwind? For the same price of clothing items or electronics, that could provide your family member with a life-changing experience. Want to gift something related to travel, but can’t front the entire bill? Opt for a flight voucher that can be redeemed when they book their next vacation. Get creative and think outside of the box. For the small business owner in your circle, consider ordering their products or donate to let them know you support their efforts and business. An interactive learning course, an eBook or an Audible subscription is a great alternative for the bookworms in your family. Honestly, some family members may be super excited to have a bill covered for the month or some money being thrown toward reducing some debt. Before considering the things you’d like for them to have, do yourself a favor and ask them beforehand.

Regardless of what you decide, please keep in mind that no gift is more important than spending time with the ones you love the most. Enjoy the holidays and always remember to embrace the gift of life. 

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