3 ways to enhance your personal branding skills

Many have heard ‘personal branding’ but are unable to really explain what it is and why it’s important. Personal branding is the intentional focus to create a positive perception of an individual. Done correctly, this can elevate your influence, increase your impact and create an exclusivity centered around you and your brand. Let’s explore the ways you can begin or continue to increase your brand without compromising its’ authenticity.

Make sure your online presence matches your bomb skills

Take a look at your LinkedIn profile. Is it accurate, engaging and most importantly – up to date? Ensuring your resume as well as your online presence is recent shows that you are not only committed to your personal brand, but you make a conscious effort to present your best foot forward in real life and virtually. Have you taken any courses or obtained any new certifications? Don’t forget to include this information, as well as any special work projects that highlight your skills.

Join organizations relative to your industry

Intentionally expanding your network will always have positive results. Taking the time to make contacts within your industry or field, expands your knowledge and widens your professional reach. Building relationships with peers at different companies and levels allows your name to be in rooms without you being present. Your network can speak to your skills and interests in the instances you cannot – which is always a plus!

Practice your interviewing skills

This may sound weird but try answering interview questions while looking at yourself in the mirror. Not only does this help you with controlling certain facial expressions, it gives you an opportunity to see what the interviewers see. While it may feel uncomfortable initially, this exercise will boost your confidence and make your ability to answer questions become so much more natural over time.

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