3 tips to help you move beyond the basics of finance

Remember that internal feeling when you reached that place in your finance journey when basic needs no longer felt like a burden? The sense of accomplishment was something you couldn’t ignore – it reignited a fire and motivated you to stay the course. To up the ante, explore some new and exciting ways to re-establish you and your finances. 

Be honest with yourself

The euphoria we feel when we’ve knocked out a financial goal can have us feeling like we’re on top of the world – and sometimes we can loosen the reigns a bit to celebrate. What seems to start out as one purchase can easily turn into 10, causing us to lose our grip. In order to enjoy, celebrate and remain on track be sure to identify the next upcoming financial goal you’d like to achieve. We know it can be done, but we first must be honest with ourselves. Are their habits that we need to evaluate? Things we can temporarily sacrifice? Leave no stone unturned!

Be intentional about your financial goals

Heard of the saying, “talk is cheap”? The execution is so much more important than verbalizing the goal. Of course, it’s pertinent to remind ourselves of financial goals often so they remain at the forefront of our mind, thoughts and decisions. However, dreams won’t work unless you do. Take the time to not only write down your main areas of focus, but make sure your day-to-day actions are aligned with these goals. 

Seek guidance

When something is beyond your expertise and Google or YouTube aren’t providing the right solutions, what’s the next step? I know we often live in a world of self-sufficiency, however there are plenty of circumstances where there’s knowledge outside of our wheelhouse. A financial planner is a third party with an unbiased opinion that can help you see your finances through a different lens. Take your time and establish rapport with a credible financial expert or certified financial planner that makes you comfortable and has your finance goals at the forefront of this important relationship.

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