3 tips to guide your freelance journey

Opportunities are plentiful to become a freelancer. Maybe you have skills that have been self-taught, or you picked up a bit of know how while working in Corporate America. Regardless of how your talents came about, you can increase or decrease your commitment level to freelancing in unison with your own personal and financial goals.

Be confident in your skillset

For many of us, we’ve had the opportunity to gain confidence in our industry of choice over the course of time. While new positions can bring on bouts of anxiousness, it naturally fades as our comfort level increases. Freelancing in any capacity is no different. If you are a freelance photographer, writer or anything in between – you have the right to market yourself accordingly without disregarding your expertise. 

Make it a priority to stay updated on happenings within your industry 

Things change every single day and it’s important to stay in the know about updates/changes that occur within your industry. Take a look at rates to ensure what you’re charging is comparable to market value. If it’s above or below, take the time to make adjustments as you see fit. People like to hire those that remain teachable while also bringing a fresh perspective. Carve out at least 10-15 minutes every few days to read a new article pertinent to your industry or a quick course that can help increase your skills.

Ensure your pricing accurately reflects your time spent serving clients

Starting your journey to freelancing can appear daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. Determine where you would like to advertise (social media, various freelancing websites or amongst your existing network) and go from there. Before determining pricing, evaluate solid estimates of how much time it will take to complete the specific task. Remember, your time is valuable. While freelancing is a way to start your brand, you want to make sure your work in exchange for compensation is a benefit to you as the freelancer as well as to the consumer. 

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