3 reasons you should fall in love with your finances

When thinking about your finances, would you consider it love at first sight or the strong urge to run in the opposite direction? For many of us, our attitudes towards our beloved finances are less than desirable. To change that tune, take a look at how we can re-ignite that spark.

Positive outlook equals positive results

Compare results from the months when you lean into your budget versus when you constantly ignore it. Which scenario leaves you feeling empowered? A positive outlook isn’t just in your attitude, it’s also in preparation. Make sure every month (or every pay period) you create a budget that not only works for you – but aligns with your income. If you’re a small business owner, create realistic revenue goals monthly, by quarter or based on seasonality. Try your best not to solely focus on debt. While ignoring debt completely isn’t the best idea, it is effective to create a plan that addresses it. Debt isn’t acquired overnight so it cannot be rectified in the same manner. Grant yourself grace and trust in the consistent work that’s being put in to conquer it! Remember, the things you water in life grow, and the ones you neglect starve – this is no different with your finances.

Prioritizing your wants and desires are a breeze

Want to take a vacation? Splurge on an item you’ve been wanting for a while? Want to invest and expand your portfolio? These are just a few examples of things you have the capacity to do when you’re not having to worry about if you have enough to cover monthly expenses or an emergency cost. Your mind is free, clear and able to be more forward thinking – in turn broadening your financial goals. Money carries energy, having the ability to flow in and out. When this is in play, you no longer have to chase – you simply attract it.

Stepping closer into financial freedom

Debt is one of the number one causes of financial worry and in a perfect world – none of us would have to deal with owing lenders month after month. Ask yourself, what’s most important to you? Is it financial freedom, paying off large debts such as a house or student loans? Being able to send your children to college on your dime? Financial freedom looks different for everyone; so define what that looks like for you and your family. Create goals that specifically align and take things one day at a time.

Falling in love with your finances can be achieved with discipline, focus and consistency. Stay the course.

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