3 reasons why financial wellness is important

When you think about wellness, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, physical activity such as running, a quick gym trip or yoga would naturally come up in conversation. However, there is so much more that ensures we operate at our best capacity. Let’s dig into a few reasons why maintaining our financial wellness is equally important.

Increases your overall focus

We all know how easy it is to become distracted. Personal obligations, family and work stressors are enough to take the most productive person through a complete whirlwind. Carving out at least 30 minutes every week to review your finances may seem insignificant but knowing exactly where your money is going at any given point of time allows your mind to focus on the other day-to-day tasks you have to manage. Think about it, when financial emergencies arise; what’s more upsetting? The money being spent or the worry that accompanies it? Make sure you help your future self by making mental space to focus on the other things that matter.

Positivity impacts your health

It’s been proven that neglecting your finances has a direct impact to your health. The vicious cycle of worrying about financial circumstances can lead to anxiety and insomnia, resulting in your mind and body taking the weight of it all. How do you begin improving your overall health? Create a realistic budget. Sit down and evaluate your spending habits. What areas are you excelling in? Which areas need some tweaking? Dedicate some time to get comfortable with your finances; this is mainly achieved by time. It may feel uneasy in the beginning, but the peace of mind that follows makes it all worth it.

Keeps the future at the forefront of your mind

When your bills are being paid timely, your savings goals are on track and your emergency fund is intact – life doesn’t feel so constricted. While we love to enjoy the happenings of today, we can’t lose sight of tomorrow. It may sound cliché, but what we do currently can either positively or negatively impact our future. Our job is to make sure as we age, our good financial habits do too. Carve out some time monthly or quarterly to assess where you stand and make adjustments as necessary. 

Financial wellness isn’t just a buzzword – it’s something that can completely shift your outlook on money. Be well, stay well and watch your finances follow suit. 

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