3 benefits of financial self-care

When you personally evaluate what self-care means to you, what are a few things that come to mind? This could be a mini shopping spree, a massage or treating yourself by visiting a favorite restaurant. Or, it could be taking a nice bath, journaling, reading or spending some much-needed, uninterrupted alone time. While we know spending money doesn’t have to equate to self-care, it’s much more important that we realize managing our money well contributes to our overall health and attributes to our quality of life. 

The power of pivot

When finances aren’t a determining factor in your life decisions, you have the ability to make decisions that bring you joy. For example, if you want to change industries within your career or leave a toxic work environment – you have the power to make that happen. Your personal freedom is restored when you are not driven by your financial mishaps or mistakes. Want to improve in this area? Keep your financial goals at the top of mind before purchases and even adapt them in your everyday spending. What are some ways to reduce your overhead? How can you avoid lifestyle creep regardless of your occupation? Answering these questions candidly will jumpstart a positive financial journey. 

Reducing stress levels

One of the main causes of stress for so many people stem from finances. Whether it’s living paycheck to paycheck, handling monthly expenses or covering the cost of unexpected emergencies – all of these examples weigh on your mental health. When your money is working for you and not against you, the stressors have no choice but to decrease. The anxiousness surrounding financial decisions don’t feel as heavy or burdensome. 

Creates moments of ease in difficult life situations

Challenging moments are inevitable – and what makes them more palatable is having the cushion of financial stability. If you need to move abruptly, take time off work to care for a loved one or simply want to take a sabbatical from everyday life; you’re able to do so without guilt. Having a savings account for the time periods where difficulties arise can alleviate a lot of pressure from your plate.

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