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your journey to financial wellness begins here

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The Finance Bar has been an absolute blessing to my life! I’ve learned how to stay focused and throw away my excuses for not saving money and paying off debt simultaneously!

Sherry S.

I’ve become active in managing my money, conscious of my spending, and more importantly, I’ve learned how to manage the emotions associated with my money.

Ann-Marie G.

Not only has my financial awareness improved, but also my self-confidence! Knowing and understanding where I am financially has helped me put my insecurities into perspective.

Nicole M.

I open my mail now, look at my bank statements each month, have a will in place, and lots more. I literally couldn’t have done it without The Finance Bar.

Britney F.

The Finance Bar has helped me set so many realistic goals when it comes to things I have set out to accomplish. I am so grateful for the continuous encouragement to keep striving for my goals.

Angelica E.

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Meet Your Financial Therapist

hi there! i'm marsha.

Marsha Barnes is a sought-after personal finance expert, commentator, and Founder of The Finance Bar. She is also Certified in Financial Social Work and Financial Therapy.

Since launching The Finance Bar, Marsha’s innovative approach to personal finance has caught the attention of national media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Essence, The New York Times, Blavity, Fast Company, and more.

Marsha was named Best Money Expert in the Net-Worth Category by Go Banking Rates and currently serves on the Financial Advisory Board for Secret Deodorant (Procter & Gamble). She believes that financial wellness should not be considered a luxury, and with commitment and discipline, any willing person can turn their financial situation around.

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The Finance Bar is a personal finance suite helping women and couples achieve financial wellness through financial therapy, education, and an innovative learning hub on wheels. Creator Marsha Barnes is Certified in Financial Therapy, Financial Social Work, serves on the Financial Advisory Board for Secret Deodorant (Procter & Gamble), and was named GOBankingRates’ Best Money Expert in the Net-Worth Category.

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