What is The Finance Bar Members Club?

The Finance Bar Members Club…

is an online community for women who are determined and committed to transform their financial lifestyle by identifying a clear strategy that leads to result and reward.

If you’ve ever felt…

Unsure of where to begin with your personal finances…

Overwhelmed with what you should focus on now and in the future…

Stuck or lonely on your journey…

This club is for you!

Ready to become a member?


What Does A Membership Include?

Monthly Content

Workbook, Checklists, Printables & Monthly Desktop Affirmations


Monthly Expert Guidance

Join us for our monthly virtual sessions to get your most pressing finance questions answered.


Access to the online forum to ask questions and gain feedback.



Connect with other like minded financial do-gooders and entrepreneurs focused on their long-term desires.


Weekly accountability



Be apart of our monthly finance challenges and share your experiences along the way.

Email Updates

You’ll be notified by email every time a new resource is available to you.


Inspirational Guidance

TFB Member’s Club is a safe hub, free of judgment and focused on inspirational, positive, and progressive uplifting.


Monthly Dues/ $10 per month

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Monthly Content


Your go to guide for learning, mastering your plan, and capturing diary notes.


A monthly checklist to keep you on track.


Frame them, and be inspired by your progress.


Affirmations: To keep you motivated on your financial journey


Prepare to get motivated by weekly money motivational messages.


Join us for our monthly virtual sessions to get your most pressing finance questions answered.

I heard you loud and clear. I’ve received many emails and questions about your desires to have an online accountability partner, a guide to keep you motivated, and a step by step tool to drive you in the right direction, plus someone to hold your hand along the way (even if that means virtually).
Navigating the ins and outs of balancing your personal finances is not an overnight feat and trust me you are not alone on this journey. In a day and age where there is massive consumer debt, minimal savings, and very rarely a Plan B, it’s time that we gather together to learn, uplift, and hold one another accountable. You’ll be inspired by easy to follow financial advice, participate in monthly challenges, receive a monthly workbook, and checklist, join in as a participant during our expert sessions, and receive all the other goodies that are catered specifically for our members. Free of judgment and full of understanding we will ride the waves together. From your relationship with money, to pressing credit questions, balancing your family finances, or ways to jump into the world of investing-we have you covered. You will receive direction on how to tap into your financial goals with clarity while being strategic.
Let’s all affirm that our financial future depends on one single person-you. For now we won’t sweat the amount that you have saved, wallow in self-defeat about being in debt over our heads, or carry negative thoughts about our past financial habits. We’ll move forward with stepping toward a secure and confident lifestyle that you will be proud of. In every area of our lives we need direction (that’s the FUN part about not going at it alone). It’s a celebration and cheers that you now have a community of women who can relate and render support along the way.
Here’s the really good news. You “can” improve your financial situation. Understanding exactly where you stand is the first step to getting to where you truly desire to be.
See you on the inside.

What’s to come?

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Member Testimonials

“Tons of information. The value is INSANE!”
“I’m always anxious and excited to see what’s new each month! Receiving consistent information about my finances helps me to remain committed.”
“This money hub is beautiful and the virtual sessions are intimate. I always want to hangout here!”
“LOVE having access to the archived bundles. It helps when I slip and miss a month.”
“Everyone needs someone like Marsha and this Members Club in their life! #gettinmymoneyright”
“You cannot beat this offer. Loads of value delivered to you monthly.”


Am I required to be online at specific days and times?

Yes, and No. We encourage you to navigate through the workbooks, checklist and all content at your own pace. However, our monthly expert sessions are live. If you happen to miss it due to scheduling conflicts, not to worry-all members will receive the recording.

How much is the membership?

$10/per month. Payments are automatically drafted from your account each month–on the day that you initially signed up. (Ex. If you become a member on the 1st of the month, payments will be drafted on the first of each month).

How does the membership work?

Upon creating an account through registration, each member will have access to a private portal that contains a monthly bundle that has a guided workbook, checklists, challenges, and printables inside. You will also have the ability to communicate with other members through our secure forum where we discuss challenges, obstacles, and successes. The excitement doesn’t stop there! You will have members only access to our monthly virtual expert sessions to get some of your most pressing finance questions answered on the topic of the month. Your membership experience is guided by a strategy to tap into several different topics by focusing on month to month direction.

What happens when I register to become a member?

Once you become a member you will have immediate access to create a username and password to retrieve the first bundle and additional content associated with your membership.

Can I cancel at any time?

Certainly. We’ll hate to see you go – but yes. (..wait please don’t go).

Am I able to connect with other members?

Absolutely! The Finance Bar Members Club is a community of women determined to transform their financial lifestyle. Our holistic goal is to guide, uplift, and inspire. Accountability partners will be extremely necessary as we relinquish old habits and embrace positive change.

What type of commitment should I expect?

Tons. Growth and accomplishments will only stop if you do.

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