Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Finance Bar?

The Finance Bar is a premier mobile hub offering face-to-face, group engagements, seminars, and workshops. Our innovative hub is also the home of The Finance Bar Members Club, a virtual community for women seeking to make smarter financial decisions. The content of our sessions are uniquely crafted around the need of each client/organization, and is designed to guide you from a place of financial insufficiency to a point of sound financial wellness. We’re also stocked with amazing on trend novelties to keep you motivated and connected to your personal finance goals! More about us here.

What is Financial Wellness?

Financial Wellness is the balance between having a healthy state of well-being today while preparing financially for tomorrow. It is a steadiness in which one feels they have control over their current finances and financial future.

What is a Personal Finance Consultant?

A Personal Finance Consultant provides financial education to promote financial literacy and resiliency through face-to-face personal finance consultations for individuals and family financial matters. The primary goal is to assist our clients with financial readiness, and to promote clear + sound money management strategies.

Does the finance bar disclose general information to companies or affiliated 3rd parties?

No. The Finance Bar honors client privacy protection and confidentiality.

Does The Finance Bar serve as a credit repair company?

No. The Finance Bar is not associated nor endorses any credit repair companies.

How much are group or speaker rates?

Please fill out the form here for a quote on group + speaker rates.

Where do group appointments with The Finance Bar take place?

The Finance Bar is a traveling hub based out of Charlotte, NC. Appointment locations are communicated between client and consultant at the time of booking.

I am an individual that needs personal 1:1 coaching. Does The Finance Bar provide this service?

Yes. Learn more here: The Finance Bar also offers a virtual members club catered to individuals. Visit our Members Club page for additional details.

The sessions listed on the Book the Finance Bar page, who are those for?

The sessions listed on the Book The Finance Bar page are for groups/organizations.

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