Mobile Finance Boutique

The Finance Bar offers a fully equipped financial education mobile hub that was inspired and created for our community and surrounding areas.

We noticed a gap between communities and financial awareness; therefore, we decided to fill it one mile at a time. Our mission is to transform financial mindsets by offering on-site financial education to employees, students, and within areas that are often untapped and underserved. Our top three focal points are listed below.

Research has proven that financial issues are the most commonly cited stress factors among employees in corporations & organizations worldwide. One of our many goals is to reduce workplace stress for employees that need financial guidance & reassurance.
Educational Institutions
A topic that is long-overdue in public schools and around college campuses is how to navigate the world of personal finance as a young adult. Our mobile hub is designed to bring students aboard to learn practical and life long financial strategies that will carry them into adulthood.
There are several untapped areas within our community that range from homeless shelters, women and children shelters, and senior citizens who can use guidance with fixed budgets. We position our community efforts with the goal of not leaving anyone behind.

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not-for-profit corporation, are tax deductible.

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*A minimum donation is required for individual mobile requests to visit corporations, organizations, and college campuses. Donations are used for upkeep, maintenance to our traveling hub and to support on-going initiatives throughout the community. Our mobile hub supports Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.