Hi, I’m Marsha! Your money mentor and accountability partner.

marsha-9I’m a wife to my high-school sweetheart and mom to the sweetest and smartest kid on earth (I’m sure all moms say that, though!).

As a businesswoman, wife, and mom, I know firsthand how important it is to hold on to the things you cherish personally and professionally—and our finances have a huge impact on both aspects of our lives.

We often allow our financial past to define our current and future relationships with money. What we don’t talk about is how making small changes to our habits creates SO many possibilities for us—it creates the financial lifestyle and savvy that we constantly wish for.

  • But how do you really change your financial story?

    How do you overcome the challenges that keep you from living a life free of financial worries and full of freedom and stability?


You make the decision to not settle for money myths, you tune out the latest news on the economy, and you decide that from this point forward, you’re in complete control of your relationship with money.

I believed myths about money for a long time—these myths are part of my story and are some of the many reasons why I developed a safe space to provide financial therapy and guidance for people just like you.

Financial wellness isn’t talked about at home, in corporations, or at educational institutions. Unfortunately, it’s been this way for decades. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and close the gap.

I’m always thinking about creative ways to deliver financial resources to people who need it the most. Food trucks are becoming very popular in the U.S., so I thought to myself, “If they’re putting food on a truck, I’m going to put finances on a bus.” finance-was-born

We often hear about wealthy people who mastered their finances, have people to manage their money, or simply understand the importance of financial wellness. What about people who look like they’re doing well, but maybe they’re secretly a paycheck or two away from a financial mess?

With The Finance Bar, you no longer have to suffer in silence or feel as though you don’t deserve hands-on help with your finances.

Take a look at the navigation menu on this page, and you’ll see options for you to connect with me on a more intimate level—together we’ll tackle your financial concerns and desires.

We’ll also create a realistic plan that leaves you feeling empowered, fulfilled, and committed to your financial goals. I’ll serve as your accountability partner on this journey, and I’ll help you every step of the way.

My personal finance expertise and zest for financial awareness has allowed me to share and partner with numerous media outlets and brands on and offline including:


Thank YOU for being here and allowing me to serve as your money mentor and accountability partner!

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Marsha is a Certified Financial Social Worker, Certified Financial Educator, and Certified Credit Report Reviewer. Marsha has been named as a Female Tech Leader in the Finance Industry.